Exhale 3

Hello friends,

I wanted to share a small vision of mine. Some of you know me, and some don’t – and that’s great. Because this is really just a beckoning to those who are willing to be curious; to consider the way one thinks about things and engages in the world around us; to arise in awareness as stewards of our bodies; to find hope and encouragement and practical application.

As time goes on, you’ll learn more of who I am, and I’d rather let time tell of my story than try to introduce myself here.

The last thing I want to offer is more noise. Our world is noisy, our lives are loud, the voices and pressure mount. Anyone can post anything online. You can find anything you are looking for, no matter your side of the argument. I spend great effort daily to reduce the noise in my home and the outside pressures trying to cave in on us. I am a gatekeeper. I hesitate to share because I would rather you be on your own outdoor adventure, or nose pressed into a book, or sharing a cup of tea with your kids. I’d rather be doing that with you as we engage in a friendship. Nonetheless…I press forward in sharing my corner of the world.

I love the beauty of seasons. The ebbs and flows. The rhythms that come and go. The flow of life where one can choose to be curious about many things. Stepping out of comfort zones, exploring new possibilities, testing limits and forming new thresholds, learning different cadences – some seasons demand rest while others give way for growth – all while practicing grace and living from a heart overflowing with abundant goodness. Harmony. I love the beauty of small things – for small things always accumulate into a large sum.  The small things, the daily habits, the building of character and choosing to rise into the calling that is placed upon our lives. Is there any greater purpose and legacy that we can leave other than rising into the calling that God has placed upon our lives, to be found faithful in small things so that we can be trusted with greater – for His Lovingkindness leads to Redemption.

Now that vision I mentioned will slowly unfold over time. It has to do with all things health and fitness – from the garden to the gathering at the table to the mat and all the life that flows from the Word – and how we can nourish our bodies and live in the beautiful order that God designed. Our bodies’ are intricate and incredible – it’s such a privilege to learn and care for. To learn in general – to increase our awareness, to train, to explore new inputs. I welcome those who have a joy of learning – or are at least interested in learning that there can be such joy!

As I’ve grown, I’ve come to love (No, in fact I NEED) a good workout – the sweatier the better – knowing the toxins are pouring out of my body and my thresholds are being challenged. Whether I’m on my bike training VO2 maxes, cadence work, threshold power, sprints, mountain climbing; or if I’m on my mat training in breathwork, meditation, functional fitness, practicing vinyasa flows or engaging in myofascial releases, expanding flexibility and mobility— There’s so much there. We will unpack some of these things and I hope to take you through some of my personal journey as I discover more and more – we will see where the Lord leads.  

Exhale Blog from Dakota

Let’s celebrate the journey we each are on – no journey is always easy, no journey is always hard – let us pause and learn to exhale, one breath, one step, one thing at a time – Let’s start here with this one point….

Exhale – more and slower – creating many pathways to our calm, grounded mental states as we breathe out His Praise, giving thanks in all things. As we exhale, we are diving into a whole new world where our hearts can become soft, our minds steadied, our bodies calm – who doesn’t want more of that?!

In good health and for the trajectory of future generations,


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Hi Dakota, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the way you see life and taking care of yourself. I would like to see you write more. I know it takes time to write and priorities in life have their way of necessarily taking our time! As I always tell my… Read more »

I love it, exhale! When I remember to exhale, I find myself relaxing, much more in tune with the spirit. Thanks for the reminder and example!

What a privilege it is to have you in my life. I am constantly learning from you, being reminded not to only stay confined to the “box” sort of life. You are a warrior and a pioneer, an explorer and a home-loving Mama, an alchemist and a teacher. You are… Read more »